Exhibition – Salvador Dali Collection

Salvador Dali Collection

Few other artists are as instantly recognizable to the general public as Salvador Dalí. The fascination with his life and art has not diminished since his death in 1989. Even today, Dalí, the master of surrealism, commands a high level of public appeal and remains a star in the public’s perception.

This important collection has toured over eighty prestigious museums and locations in the past twenty years. It covers Dalí’s works from 1936 to 1985 and features sculptures, rare graphic art, glasswork, and watercolour.

Dalí was a prolific artist who excelled in various artistic mediums, creating masterpieces that have since become iconic. Among the notable works in this collection are bronze sculptures, including the renowned “Persistence of Memory” and “Profile of Time,” which feature what many consider to be Dalí’s most enduring image: the melted clock. Other prominent pieces include Dalí’s beautiful illustrations of the literary greats, including “Alice in Wonderland”, “Romeo & Juliet”, and “Don Quichotte”, as well as stunning outdoor monumental sculptures such as the “Space Elephant”.

Curated by the esteemed Italian gallerist and collector Beniamino Levi, who had a personal connection with Salvador Dalí, this exhibition offers a unique insight into the artist’s creative journey, serving as a testament to the enduring power of Dalí to captivate and enthrall audiences worldwide.  Scalable exhibition size 300 – 1000m2